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Philosophy is meant to provide the tools for conceptual analysis which help us better understand the world around us. Yet academic philosophy, for many, has become an obscure intellectual ivory tower which is completely inaccessible. This has two downsides: (1) it prevents the public -- as well as other academics in other disciplines -- from engaging with philosophical issues, thereby limiting the value of philosophy to the rest of society, and (2) it distances philosophers from their objects of study, thereby minimizing the possible utility of their work.


We aim to bridge this gap by bringing philosophers and non-philosopher practitioners of a variety of disciplines together in one place and create a platform for the cross-pollination of ideas. Through the Ideas in Practice Discussion Series, we shall bring together diverse panels of speakers and offer them the opportunity to participate in moderated discussions about philosophical issues of common interest. These discussions will be aimed at a level accessible to undergraduate students and the general public, and shall be hosted freely for all to participate in. There will be an open Q&A period following each discussion.

Have an idea for an interesting discussion? Let us know, and we can try to make it happen!

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